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Volunteer Events

The Training Spa at Harrison College regularly offers its Therapeutic Massage Students opportunities for community outreach. We promote voluntary service within the field of study as a chance to give back to the community, as well as an occasion to utilize new skills. It is with this mindset, that we choose the event venues that we make available for our students.

All events are prioritized and based on student and staff availability each quarter. Due to the time and costs associated with organizing volunteer events, preference is given first to charitable fundraisers.


Staffed Events

We recognize the growing interest in offering massage therapy in the workplace, at tradeshows, in medical offices, and numerous other venues. Therefore, we have made ourselves available to accommodate a variety of services at very competitive pricing.

We have both Massage Interns, who have completed all coursework in the field of Massage Therapy, and Certified Professional Massage Therapists who are available to staff events at an hourly rate.

Massage Interns                     $50 per hour/per therapist

Certified Therapists              $75 per hour/per therapist


Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  Do students get ‘points’ or ‘hours’ toward their educational requirements for time spent at volunteer events?

A:  No. Students are volunteering their time and talent freely. Educational requirements are met within the classroom or Training Spa at Harrison College.

Q:  Do Massage Interns and Certified Therapists get paid for a ‘staffed’ event?

A:  Massage Interns do not receive compensation for working a ‘staffed’ event, as they are completing an internship within our Massage Therapy Program. They are given credit for the amount of time spent at the venue. The Training Spa offers a business that is open to the public, at very affordable rates, in order to provide additional work experience to prepare graduates for immediate placement within their field of interest.

Certified Therapists are paid a negotiated rate for their services, as they are working in a professional capacity.

Q:  If Interns aren’t getting paid for a ‘staffed’ event, why does it cost money to have them at our venue?

A:  Due to the fact that the Interns have not graduated and received certification in the State of Indiana, they must be identified as students, and have supervision from a Certified Massage Therapist. All event supervisors are paid by Harrison College, regardless of whether the event is voluntary or ‘staffed’. There are costs incurred for supplies and use of equipment, as well.

Q:  Are prices negotiable?

A:  Yes. We are open to discuss budget options.

Q:  Can you accommodate events within the Training Spa at Harrison College?

A:  Yes. We are capable of hosting small groups within our spa, based upon availability.


Harrison College Training Spa
8150 Brookville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46239
Supervisor: Molly June

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